March 27, 2023

The Epic
of The OAI

is a visionary story about human beings and their relationship with their deepest beliefs and most unfathomable creations.

The Epic is told in a multi-book series that relate the happenings of the Worlds of Atria through the eyes of many characters, revealing an ever-expanding collection of inter-connected puzzle pieces.

The story opens in a remote seaport town where the presiding Abbess has placed an orphan of obscured origins with a family that fate seems to have bestowed with plentiful good fortune. A focus of The OAI, his life is shaped by powerful women who have influence not only over him but over all of the men of significance in his world. Unbeknownst to him, he carries secrets of prophesized importance and is ineluctably drawn into the maelstrom of competing forces aiming to determine the fate of humankind. Welcome to Atria, a post-utopian society.

The delicate balance of civilization as has been maintained for over a thousand years is threatened. While ensconced in the luxury of the City of Spires, the aging Royal Council of Elders must find a way forward. The situation has been deteriorating for two centuries awaiting the return of the Emporer. The Council has issued a decree, a challenge to their next generation to discern successors who can take action in a world that is ever more foreign to them.

The Free People on Atria undertake the ritual of Ossayu. In the external world of form and function, Ossayu takes place as a sacred journey to visit a holy shrine in a distant land, a quest to discover our purpose and find one’s place in the world. Its inner expression is the pursuit of integrity through inquiry and mastery over meaning-making which offers freedom from enslavement by The Usurper and its henchmen, the Three Lords who steal us from our possible future.

Welcome. It’s your Journey too.